The Glass House

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The story of a teenage girl in a dysfunctional family in rural Perthshire, told over 4 years in the mid-90s. The central character, Vanessa, watches her mother grow increasingly unstable. Vanessa has the possibility of happiness outside her family with her boyfriend Alan, but has to choose between taking this or holding on to her rose-tinted view of her mother.

‘An exceptional first novel. Cooke is a writer with a great deal of power… she has produced a book ful of arresting moments, haunting emotions and, through the dark clouds, slivers of beauty and hope.’ Glasgow Herald

‘A poetic, honest and moving account… Cooke’s debut is a memorable entry into a well-established genre.’ Scotsman

‘Compelling is a word used too frequently, but in the case of The Glass House, deservedly so… Bleak but beautiful, Sophie Cooke’s debut novel is as crisp and refreshing as a dip in a Scottish loch, and just as murky.’ Ink

‘A compelling portrait of a seemingly well-heeled family’s gradual descent into chaos, rendered al the more shocking by its troubled heroine’s detached, dispassionate, self-deluded narration.’ The List

Published by: Random House
Year: 2005 (paperback); 2004 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-0099465539